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We’re optimistic at indirectly crossing the path of recruiters and job seekers in a way that works for both groups.
Like in one of our pages, we mentioned that success in your search requires preparation. So let's get you up to speed! We’ve had conversation with recruiters from time to time, and here's the thing they say you need to do first: Clearly define your Job Goals.
Recruiters are not looking for a jack-of-all-trades. 
They're looking for an expert at a particular position. 
It's essential to focus your search. Decide what you really want to do. And be specific. Here are the things you should nail down:
• A targeted Job Title - Not just a role; "Sales" isn't good enough.
•  Location - Where do you want to work? Are you willing to move? Where to?
•   Industry - Can you perform your function in another industry? Are you willing to?
Next, write a powerful branding statement.
A branding statement is made up of five to ten words that encapsulate your skills. It's your "Elevator Pitch." It tells recruiters - upfront and immediately - what you bring to the table. After all, recruiters say you have 20 seconds to make a favorable impression.
Here's a good example of a branding statement: "I'm a CFO focusing on streamlining operations and profit improvement." Understand, I'm just giving you an overview.

Should you required directive on how to make good resume, feel free to contact us (See details in Contact Us), where our Resume Services Unit, will give you some unexpected news on that all-important document of yours.


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